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Markets a彩平台-06-03T15:07:17Z
a彩平台House on sale

Applications to purchase a a彩平台 are 18% higher than a year ago as buyers rush back to the market

"The pent-up demand from a彩平台buyers returning to the market continues to support a recovery," said Joel Kan of the MBA.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T15:04:00Z
a彩平台A trader wearing a mask reacts at the closing bell, on the first day of in person trading since the closure during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S., May 26, a彩平台. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Dow soars 350 points as economic-reopening optimism continues to outweigh civil unrest

New data released on Wednesday showed that US companies cut 2.76 million jobs in May, less than one-third of what economists expected.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T14:27:00Z
a彩平台Sir Michael Hintze

Billionaire trader Michael Hintze suffered a record 45% loss in his flagship fund in just 2 months

Hintze's CQS hedge fund reportedly sold investments at a fraction of their face value to raise cash during the pandemic.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T14:17:01Z

Chinaa彩平台's economy roared back in May while the rest of the world is slowly recovering, according to a widely-watched set of business surveys

Among a set of data released by IHS Markit on the same day, India's business activity index came out to be the lowest.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T14:03:14Z

Economists forecast that an additional 1.8 million Americans filed for unemployment last week

While a decrease from the previous week, 1.8 million claims is "indicative of a labor market that's under quite a lot of stress," said Michelle Meyer.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T13:47:00Z

Zoom expects to boost revenue by 200% and profits by 300% this year. These 5 charts show the video-conferencing upstart's explosive growth.

Zoom's stock price has already tripled this year, boosting its market capitalization to almost $59 billion.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T13:35:00Z

US companies cut 2.76 million jobs in May, less than one-third of what economists expected, ADP says

While the labor market is still reeling from the pandemic, "job loss likely peaked in April, as many states have begun a phased reopening," ADP said.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T13:24:00Z

Investors have plowed $151 billion into coronavirus bonds in a rush to stem pandemic damage

Coronavirus bonds are somewhat murky assets, as they aren't tied to specific criteria and funds' uses aren't closely tracked.
BI Prime Finance a彩平台-06-03T13:17:34Z

Some cash-strapped US oil companies can't even afford Chapter 11 bankruptcies, legal experts warn. That means they either have to wait things out or liquidate.

Filing for Chapter 11 comes with all kinds of costs that many oil and gas companies may not be able to afford amid this downturn, legal experts said.
BI Prime Finance a彩平台-06-03T13:04:00Z

Coatue's $350 million quant hedge fund pulled money out of the market in a move that exposes the dangers of data-driven trades

Sources said that Coatue Management significantly reduced exposure in its quant fund as the global economy shut down in early April.
BI Prime Markets a彩平台-06-03T12:45:00Z

A proprietary Bank of America indicator points to 20%-plus gains in the stock market over the next year. Here's what the firm recommends buying now ahead of the rally.

Positive stock-market returns have historically followed 94% of the time in the year after the indicator flashed near its current level.
BI Prime Markets a彩平台-06-03T12:12:00Z

A $40 billion wealth-management firm says the US economy is only 19% recovered from the pandemic — and lays out a winning investing strategy in the wake of a massive stock-market rally.

Glenmede's new Reopening Index shows why the wealth manager is looking for alternatives to stocks and bonds after a historic market surge.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T11:03:03Z

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

This is what traders are talking about.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T10:40:05Z

Global stocks jump again as markets ignore US protests and investors expect the current crisis to 'have a Hollywood ending'

"Markets continue to trade as if we are going to have a Hollywood ending," analysts at Rabobank wrote.
Markets a彩平台-06-03T09:53:32Z

Oil falls after briefly climbing above $40 for the first time in 3 months, as hopes for a key OPEC meeting dwindle

Analysts say energy markets were not fully confident that Russia would play along with production cuts for another month.
Transportation a彩平台-06-02T20:44:15Z

Lyft says rides are slowly rebounding as much as 73% in some cities as the United States slowly reopens

Lyft shares rose about 4% following the regulatory filing Tuesday as investors welcomed the rebound in the number of rides.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T20:37:33Z

Gun sales are surging amid protests across the US, and one Wall Street analyst says Joe Biden's polling lead could accelerate them even more

Gun stocks have easily outperformed the market at large since March as firearm purchases soar in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T20:11:14Z

Dow climbs 268 points as economic-reopening hope offsets civil unrest

The stock market has largely overlooked violent protests and riots in the US, opting to focus on the pace of long-term economic recovery.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T20:10:21Z

Investors bet on mall reopenings, cruise travel, and energy companies throughout May, E*Trade says

Healthcare stocks were the only sector to see net selling through the period, with firms developing coronavirus drugs seeing the biggest outflows.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T19:57:00Z

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says US stimulus programmes have 'failed' — and that policymakers should now focus on preventing a 'lost generation' of workers

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said: "Even after pandemic is put under control, economic recovery is not going to be easy."
Markets a彩平台-06-02T19:38:29Z

Wall Street's biggest firms are forecasting a shift away from market-dominating growth stocks and into their downtrodden peers

"In 14 of the last 14 recessions, value has outperformed growth for at least 3 months when the economy showed signs of improving."
Markets a彩平台-06-02T18:07:00Z

1968 proved that stocks can go higher despite a deadly global pandemic and mass protests, says Fundstrat's Tom Lee

A deadly pandemic that killed 100,000 Americans, mass protests for racial equality, and a rising stock market. Sound like a彩平台? It's actually 1968.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T18:05:00Z

Amazon raised $10 billion in the bond markets, including $1 billion of debt yielding just 0.4% — reportedly the lowest rate in the history of US corporate bonds

Amazon, which has clearly come out as a winner during the pandemic, saw its $10 billion offering being oversubscribed by more than three times.
BI Prime Markets a彩平台-06-02T17:17:00Z

GOLDMAN SACHS: Buy these 15 stocks for powerful profit growth after a historic rally leaves the market with little room for error

Goldman Sachs said these companies were among the few that would generate even stronger returns over the next year.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T17:09:00Z

The US economy could take nearly a decade to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the CBO

The $3.3 trillion in stimulus provided by Congress will only "partially mitigate the deterioration in economic conditions," the report said.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T16:58:32Z

These are the top 5 most popular stocks traded on eToro in May

Investors piled into their favorite technology, entertainment, and food stocks as markets gained during May.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T16:46:46Z

With the US plunging into chaos and one-in-four American workers out of a job, Trump lacks a clear plan to revive the economy

The White House has adopted a wait-and-see approach, and put negotiations on another stimulus bill on pause for now even as unemployment mounts.
BI Prime Markets a彩平台-06-02T15:34:30Z

A portfolio manager at a $4.6 billion shop breaks down his Warren Buffett-inspired approach to investing — and shares 3 stocks he loaded up on in a 'really attractive' market upended by the coronavirus

"You have to keep in mind that these are unusual times, and shutting down the economy has major ramifications," John Buckingham said.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T15:10:06Z

Bank of America breaks down the next 2 steps the Fed will take to stimulate the coronavirus-addled economy

Financial system deterioration, rising deflation risks, or an early slowdown in economic recovery can trigger the Fed's next policy moves.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T14:51:01Z

The best investing stories of May: Advice from top-tier money managers, tips from Wall Street royalty, and stock picks for a post-coronavirus world

The definitive list of the best investing stories Business Insider published in May, from top-tier trader recommendations to stock picks.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T14:28:00Z

BTIG says stocks will plunge 15% to 20% from current levels as US protests add to the market's 'menu of uncertainties'

"We think it is the time for the market to reassess the uncertainty to the economy," said Julian Emanuel, a managing director and strategist at BTIG.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T14:20:00Z

US companies sold stock at the fastest rate ever in May as markets rallied

Public US companies in a彩平台 have sold more than $120 billion of new shares, the highest since 2015, Reuters reported Tuesday, citing Refinitiv.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T14:19:53Z

'Get on the train': Famed investor Michael Novogratz says bitcoin will soon break the $10,000 threshold as US turmoil spreads

An important resistance level for bitcoin is $10,000, and a sustained breakout above $10,000 would generate price targets with as much as 40% upside.
Opinion a彩平台-06-02T13:31:03Z

Is this a classic 'bear-market trap'... or a new bull market?

Is the stock market rising only to drop again, fooling investors into a false sense of security. Or will the recent rise ring in a new bull market.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T12:54:34Z

Oil leaps as major producers look to extend record production cuts through July

Major producers including Russia want to extend cuts for one more month, Bloomberg reported. Saudi Arabia favors a one- to three-month extension.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T12:28:00Z

Germany is planning a fresh $112 billion domestic coronavirus stimulus package, just days after the EU launched its historic $826 billion plan

Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold a meeting on Tuesday with her ruling Christian Democratic Union and coalition partners to discuss new stimulus.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T11:51:53Z

Investment banks are torn on which way the market is heading. Citi warns stocks are 'way ahead of reality,' but JPMorgan says they can climb higher.

The recent stock rally is either hugely overblown or poised to continue, depending on which bank you listen to.
BI Prime Finance a彩平台-06-02T11:21:00Z

Equity is the new debt, with Corporate America selling record amounts of stock to stockpile cash. Here's what prompted the sudden shift.

The record amount of equity issuance has been a boon for Wall Street banks, which have earned more than $1.7 billion in fees from the ECM deals.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T11:19:48Z

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

This is what traders are talking about.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T10:53:35Z

The French economy will shrink 11% this year in a 'brutal' recession after the country imposed one of Europe's harshest pandemic lockdowns

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the French government would avoid taxing households to cover growing debt from the coronavirus pandemic.
Markets a彩平台-06-02T09:54:30Z

'The stock market doesn't care about social justice': Jim Cramer says investors are backing potential winners from protests

"From this stock market's perspective, everything that happened this weekend means the stay-at-a彩平台 economy will last longer than we thought."
Markets a彩平台-06-02T09:44:43Z

Global stocks jump as analysts say widespread protests in the US will have 'little to no effect' on markets

Analysts say the rise in stocks could be explained by investors choosing to focus on unprecedented aid from central banks and government intervention.
Markets a彩平台-06-01T21:12:00Z

Here's how 4 financial experts think protests could negatively affect markets and the US economic recovery

"The on-going protests and riots do present a threat for the US financial markets," said Naeem Aslam, the chief markets analyst at AvaTrade.
Markets a彩平台-06-01T20:26:03Z

A new Republican bill would give people a $1,200 hiring bonus for going back to work after coronavirus lockdowns

Republican Rep. Kevin Brady unveiled a bill that would offer a $1,200 cash bonus for Americans going back to work.
Markets a彩平台-06-01T20:03:46Z

US stocks climb as economic-reopening hopes overshadow protests, Chinaa彩平台 tensions

A key measure of US manufacturing increased in May for the first time in four months, inspiring confidence in an economic recovery.
Markets a彩平台-06-01T19:58:26Z

These were the 10 most popular stocks on Robinhood in the month of May

Robintrack is a platform that uses data from Robinhood's API to track how many Robinhood users own a particular stock over time.
Markets a彩平台-06-01T19:37:17Z

Gun stocks rally amid nationwide protests and looting

Gunmakers had already seen hefty gains through May, with Sturm Ruger's CEO attributing a sales leap in part to relaxed lockdowns and virus fears.
Markets a彩平台-06-01T18:58:32Z

Zoom skyrockets 15% to an all-time high ahead of quarterly earnings

The company will report fiscal first quarter 2021 earnings on Tuesday — its first to show the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on revenue.
Opinion a彩平台-06-01T18:35:00Z

Why are the protests so much more intense?

The reasons for the intensity of the protests following George Floyd's death rang from the militarization of police to the influence of social media.
Markets a彩平台-06-01T18:24:32Z

The Atlanta Fed's latest model estimates a 52.8% GDP contraction this quarter as the US grapples with COVID-19

The estimate fell slightly from a May 29 projection and takes new data from the manufacturing and construction industries into account.
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