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a彩平台In this June 1, a彩平台, file photo President Donald Trump departs the White House to visit outside St. John's Church in Washington. a彩平台In this June 1, a彩平台, file photo President Donald Trump departs the White House to visit outside St. John's Church in Washington.

Trump's Pentagon chief opposes Insurrection Act, says sending in active-duty troops to tackle unrest should be 'last resort'

Esper said sending in the active-duty military should only be done "in the most urgent and dire of situations."
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a彩平台Walmart guns a彩平台Walmart guns

Walmart removes firearms and ammunition from the sales floor of some stores amid protests

Customers can still purchase guns and ammunition, but they are no longer publicly displayed, Walmart told Business Insider.
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a彩平台george floyd police brutality protest a彩平台george floyd police brutality protest

Research shows there are at least 6 proven ways to reduce police brutality — and 2 strategies that don't work

Body cams and bias trainings don't work well. Strict policies around use of force, as well as federal oversight and police union contracts, do.
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a彩平台Trump Fauci briefing coronavirus COVID
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a彩平台Chinaa彩平台 Eastern Airbus A350 900 take off

The US plans to ban Chinese passenger airlines, retaliating as Chinaa彩平台 hinders US airlines from resuming flights to its country

The US ban on Chinese passenger airlines comes as the latest in a tit-for-tat between the two countries as tensions mount.
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a彩平台trump merkel

'The Germans are openly done with this president': European security officials are aghast at the way Trump is handling the George Floyd protesters

"Tell me again how the president of the United States is better than Putin?" asked the official.
Politics a彩平台-06-03T13:00:54Z

Chinaa彩平台 warns the UK to 'step back from the brink' after Boris Johnson offers 3 million Hong Kong citizens refuge in Britain

The move dramatically escalates the growing row between Beijing and London.

LIVE UPDATES: Kathleen Williams wins the Democratic nomination for Montana's at-large US House seat

This year, Montana has highly competitive races for its governorship, the US Senate seat held by Sen. Steve Daines, and its open at-large House district.
Politics a彩平台-06-03T02:34:15Z

Thousands protested outside Los Angeles mayor's house, as the public also voiced outrage at LAPD during an emotional Zoom town hall

The peaceful protest outside LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's official residence only grew as the 6 p.m. local time curfew approached.
News a彩平台-06-03T02:25:18Z

Spectrum users across the Eastern US are reporting internet and TV service outages

If you're on the East Coast and you're having troubles with your TV and internet connection, you're not alone.
Politics a彩平台-06-03T02:19:09Z

FBI 'has no intelligence' indicating antifa was linked to weekend violence in the George Floyd protests, despite Trump and Republicans' claims

The FBI and other federal agencies have warned, however, that far-right groups will try to incite violence in the George Floyd protests.
Politics a彩平台-06-03T01:40:03Z

'I wish you the best': US military adviser resigns after Trump's controversial photo op at church

"You may not have been able to stop President Trump from directing this appalling use of force, but you could have chosen to oppose it," he wrote.
Military & Defense a彩平台-06-03T00:28:51Z

Trump officials reportedly asked top military officials to remain quiet about George Floyd protests

"Our Air Force is a reflection of our society, so, by extension, this is an Air Force issue," one Air Force official said on Facebook.
Military & Defense a彩平台-06-02T22:28:44Z

'Lay down your arms, uphold your oath': Former military leaders and lawmakers resoundingly blast Trump's idea of deploying US troops on American streets

"I call on all our proud young men and women in uniform ... to lay down your arms, uphold your oath, and join this new march for freedom."
Strategy a彩平台-06-02T22:08:00Z

A pizza chain is offering paid time off for employees who want to protest

&pizza is just one of the small businesses offering PTO for activism. Wikilawn is also issuing a PTO policy in the wake of George Floyd's death.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T21:42:20Z

Trump's tear gas photo-op was 'frightening' to authoritarianism experts, who warn that his behavior will only get worse without 'fierce opposition'

Some scholars say Trump is too erratic and incoherent to be labeled an authoritarian, but that it doesn't make him "any less dangerous."
Politics a彩平台-06-02T21:24:43Z

George W. Bush says it remains a 'shocking failure' that African Americans are 'harassed and threatened in their own country'

"It remains a shocking failure that many African Americans ... are harassed and threatened in their own country," Bush said.
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Retail a彩平台-06-02T21:04:27Z

'Exhausted' Starbucks workers are forced to choose between reduced hours or unpaid leave, as the coffee giant adjusts to a new normal

Some workers feel frustrated by their options, with one employee saying he is "mentally and physically exhausted" from working during the pandemic.
News a彩平台-06-02T21:04:10Z

Police in Columbus identify a 'person of interest' that Donald Trump called an 'anarchist' on Twitter

Columbus police say they have "identified" the man, who was initially misidentified as The Nationals lead singer Aaron Dessner.
News a彩平台-06-02T20:34:00Z

Just 6 years after Ebola killed more than 11,000 people, West African nations are bracing for a coronavirus spike

West Africa is a彩平台 to some of the poorest countries in the world, many lacking doctors and vital resources such as ventilators.
Science a彩平台-06-02T20:33:00Z

The sequined dinosaur toy that rode on SpaceX's historic launch was the winner of a vote by the astronauts' young sons

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley had their sons vote on the toy that would serve as a "zero-gravity indicator" on their historic SpaceX launch.
BI Prime Transportation a彩平台-06-02T20:23:24Z

Emirates may reconsider plane orders from Airbus and Boeing because of the pandemic, but that's especially bad news for the US plane maker

Emirates President Tim Clark said all bets were off for past orders, which is especially bad news for Boeing as it completes its newest plane.
Transportation a彩平台-06-02T19:45:26Z

A Florida classic car dealer says 19 historic cars were stolen. 2 have already been recovered at seemingly random locations nearby.

The Orlando, Florida dealership says the cars were stolen early on Monday morning, but the two recovered were "stashed all around the neighborhood."
BI Prime Science a彩平台-06-02T19:40:00Z

Companies are pushing for new protections from coronavirus lawsuits, and Senate Republicans agree. Here's everything we know about what's in the works.

Businesses are worried about facing lawsuits if customers or workers get sick from the coronavirus. Republicans are working on a plan to help.

Democratic Congressman Elliot Engel caught on a hot mic saying he 'wouldn't care' to speak about Black Lives Matter protests if he wasn't facing a primary challenge

Engel is facing his first strong primary challenge in 20 years from Jamaal Bowman, a progressive former Bronx middle school principal.
Transportation a彩平台-06-02T19:26:48Z

Truck driver who sped into a crowd of protesters on a highway in Minneapolis released from jail without charges

Bogdan Vechirko drove an 18-wheeler into a large group of peaceful protesters on the highway on Sunday. Authorities are still investigating.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results of Maryland's congressional primary

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Speaker Nancy's Pelosi's top deputy, is facing his strongest Democratic primary challenge in several cycles.
Opinion a彩平台-06-02T19:08:00Z

A few ways to calm American cities

Protesters will feel heard as soon as mayors, governors, prosecutors, and police chiefs appear to take seriously the demands for reform.

LIVE UPDATES: Follow the results of the Baltimore mayoral primary race

Because of the pandemic, the city will for the first time conduct the election largely with mail-in ballots, delaying final results.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T19:00:51Z

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was speechless for over 20 seconds after he was asked to respond to the use of force on peaceful protesters in DC so Trump could pose for a photo

Justin Trudeau paused for over 20 seconds before responding: "We all watch in horror and consternation what's going on in the United States."
Transportation a彩平台-06-02T18:38:13Z

'You will move, or you will die': A frightened truck driver's widely shared Facebook post says truckers will 'defend themselves' by running over protesters

"Air horns will sound, steering wheels will be held tightly, but those brakes will not be touched," the truck driver wrote.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T18:29:12Z
News a彩平台-06-02T18:21:00Z

A Sunday in America: An hour-by-hour look inside the protests that unfolded in major cities across the US from noon to midnight

A look inside what May 31 looked like in America — from peaceful marches in the afternoon to a fire being set to a historic church late at night.
Executive Lifestyle a彩平台-06-02T18:11:16Z

All the curfews governors have set in their states as protests rage on, and how long you should expect them to last

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a curfew for New York City, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has implemented a statewide, weeklong curfew.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T17:45:00Z

Trump said he intends to declare antifa as a terrorist organization. Here's what we know about the decades-old, leaderless group.

Trump has blamed antifa, a loosely organized movement known to confront white supremacy, for several bouts of violence at protests in recent years.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T17:40:43Z

Chinaa彩平台's state media says US can now 'enjoy' protests after criticizing Chinaa彩平台's handling of unrest in Hong Kong

A foreign ministry rep tweeted "I can't breathe" above a screenshot of a State Department flack condemning how Hong Kong protesters were treated.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T17:19:23Z

Tiffany Trump shares #blackoutTuesday post with Helen Keller quote

The president's youngest daughter and recent law school graduate used the Keller quote with the black photo in calling for justice for George Floyd.
Tech a彩平台-06-02T16:29:12Z

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao called the platform out for not shutting down r/the_donald after the company published a controversial letter addressing protests: 'So much of what is happening now lies at your feet'

Former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao said on Twitter that Reddit should have shut down r/the_donald, saying the platform nurtures white supremacy.
Transportation a彩平台-06-02T16:08:00Z

New York City's curfew will begin 3 hours earlier and last through the week as lockdowns sweep the country

The US' largest city will effectively shut down at 8 p.m. every night until June 7, the mayor said, after the first curfew did little to quell unrest.
BI Prime Science a彩平台-06-02T16:04:00Z

The top 12 coronavirus antibody tests ranked by accuracy, and where to find them

Antibody tests have a role to play in coronavirus treatments, public health surveillance, and returning people to work.
News a彩平台-06-02T15:41:00Z

Volunteer farmers in the UK are working overtime to save millions of tons of produce from going to waste

The government has set up campaigns to recruit unemployed and furloughed workers, and local are stepping up to help.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T15:40:00Z

Amazon, FedEx, and UPS reveal how protests are impacting deliveries across the US

FedEx said some vehicles and facilities have been vandalized and the company is continuing to operate only in areas deemed safe.
Politics a彩平台-06-02T15:21:48Z

Trump congratulates himself for the 'overwhelming force' and 'domination' law enforcement officials used against protesters in Washington, DC, and Minneapolis

Trump's tweet comes after riot police fired tear gas and flash grenades at peaceful protesters near the White House to clear the way for a photo op.
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