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a彩平台Tim Cook

Apple's App Store sales have grown nearly twice as fast as this top Wall Street analyst predicted, as services are softening the blow from slowing ia彩平台Phone sales

The Apple App Store has seen a big boost as a result of shelter-in-place around the world, and may continue to benefit as restrictions are lifted.
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a彩平台freelancer writing studying laptop

What the future of coworking might look like for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed as they seek out avenues to network, collaborate, and set up shop

Entrepreneurs and freelancers have long relied on coworking spaces to run their businesses and get work done. Experts predict where they'll go next.
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a彩平台Elon Musk

The 13 books Elon Musk says shaped his worldview and led him to business and personal success

Bookworm Elon Musk's personal library is made up of fantasy novels, books on rocket fuel and AI, and biographies of geniuses like Benjamin Franklin.
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First the pandemic crushed companies' advertising. Now they face a new challenge with growing protests.

Many companies that have avoided controversy are announcing their support for protesters, but the risks for backlash are high.
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How one of the few queer black women in venture capital clears her mind to overcome bias and get things done

Center for American Entrepreneurship president John Dearie recently apologized to Arlan Hamilton for criticizing her on Twitter.
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Google Cloud lures two key hires from SAP and rival Amazon Web a彩平台

Google lured Abdul Razack from SAP and Andi Gutmans from Amazon Web a彩平台 to bolster its cloud business.
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From execs to budtenders, over 3,100 people have lost their jobs in cannabis. We're keeping track of all the cuts across the industry here.

Amid investigations, lawsuits, and slumping valuations, cannabis companies are reeling. To stay afloat, they're cutting workers.
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Top cannabis analysts share why they're getting more bullish on the industry and name 4 firms that should excite investors now

At a Benzinga panel, Cowen, Jefferies, and Piper Sandler analysts named their top cannabis stock picks as the industry begins to mature.
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How $7.8 billion Juniper Networks is preparing for the death of the trade show: 'We're just never gonna get back to where we were'

Juniper, ThermoFisher, and Siemens tap Kaon's platform to demo products. "We've pivoted pretty dramatically to all-digital and all-virtual tactics."
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Some cash-strapped US oil companies can't even afford Chapter 11 bankruptcies, legal experts warn. That means they either have to wait things out or liquidate.

Filing for Chapter 11 comes with all kinds of costs that many oil and gas companies may not be able to afford amid this downturn, legal experts said.
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Coatue's $350 million quant hedge fund pulled money out of the market in a move that exposes the dangers of data-driven trades

Sources said that Coatue Management significantly reduced exposure in its quant fund as the global economy shut down in early April.
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Startup Hippo is buying an insurer that has licenses to sell across the US — here's how the unicorn insurtech is flipping the script on incumbents

Rick McCathron, chief insurance officer at Hippo, spoke to Business Insider about the thinking behind the unicorn's planned acquisition of Spinnaker.
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The UK government is facing questions over its relationship with secretive big data firm Palantir

Palantir has faced scrutiny over its military contracts and ties to Cambridge Analytica.
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A proprietary Bank of America indicator points to 20%-plus gains in the stock market over the next year. Here's what the firm recommends buying now ahead of the rally.

Positive stock-market returns have historically followed 94% of the time in the year after the indicator flashed near its current level.
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Brands and influencers are stopping their marketing campaigns to focus on messaging around the George Floyd protests

Brands are halting influencer campaigns to avoid tone deafness on social media during a week of widespread protests.
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5 up-and-coming sneaker websites that resellers and collectors should use in a彩平台 to boost profit and nab hyped pairs

StockX, GOAT, and SNKRS are considered essential. But these five and-and-coming apps should be on every sneakerhead's radar in a彩平台.
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A $40 billion wealth-management firm says the US economy is only 19% recovered from the pandemic — and lays out a winning investing strategy in the wake of a massive stock-market rally.

Glenmede's new Reopening Index shows why the wealth manager is looking for alternatives to stocks and bonds after a historic market surge.
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Here's an exclusive look at the pitch deck automation startup Anvil used to raise $5 million from Google's AI fund

Anvil raised the funding during the coronavirus lockdown and helped Minneapolis' Sunrise Bank apply $127 million PPP loans in just five days.
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Trump is using thousands of US government workers to quell protests. His critics label it a 'dictator' move.

The National Guard patrols D.C and military helicopters buzz over Washington as Trump seeks to impose "law and order" on thousands of protesters.
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Prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist Om Malik is urging people to boycott Facebook: 'You might be one person with just one account, but you are not powerless'

"Let go of the need for traffic or attention that has kept you coming back to the hell on earth that is Facebook," True Ventures' Om Malik said.
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Silicon Valley billionaires are lining up to condemn racism. But the tech and VC industry has a shameful, decades-long history of ignoring and perpetuating inequality.

From Tim Cook to startup founders, Silicon Valley is speaking out about the death of George Floyd. But tech has its own longstanding racial problems.
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Emirates may reconsider plane orders from Airbus and Boeing because of the pandemic, but that's especially bad news for the US plane maker

Emirates President Tim Clark said all bets were off for past orders, which is especially bad news for Boeing as it completes its newest plane.
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Tesla Autopilot's groundbreaking new feature gives it an edge over GM's Super Cruise, but Autopilot still has a big flaw compared to its major rival, an industry expert says

Tesla Autopilot's new feature allows it to recognize stop signs and traffic lights, but will slow down for a green light without driver intervention.
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Companies are pushing for new protections from coronavirus lawsuits, and Senate Republicans agree. Here's everything we know about what's in the works.

Businesses are worried about facing lawsuits if customers or workers get sick from the coronavirus. Republicans are working on a plan to help.
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A survey reveals troubles are mounting for New York City renters

PropertyNest surveyed 1,001 New York City renters to find how many had enough money to pay rent in June. It was dramatically different from May.
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Older fans may leap back into watching sports on TV post-pandemic, but networks are going to have a tougher time winning back younger viewers

After months of being trapped in our a彩平台s, columnist Mike Shields wonders if new entertainment habits will stick.
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10 CEOs of top resale apps like Poshmark and Stadium Goods predict how the pandemic will bolster the multi-billion dollar resale industry

CEOs from top resale platforms explain why their industry and companies are thriving — and predict how the resale industry will become even bigger.
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Wells Fargo CEO Charlie Scharf is looking at outsiders to run the bank's sprawling wealth business. Here's why it may be one of the toughest jobs on Wall Street.

The next executive to lead the wealth and investment management division, among the largest in the US, will likely come from outside the firm.
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The post-pandemic law firm will consist of smaller summer classes, more remote workers, and a less decked-out office, a top legal recruiter predicts

While traditionally the legal field has shied away from remote work, the pandemic has proved it's a viable option for lawyers, says Kate Reder Sheikh.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-02T17:21:11Z

I've consulted companies like Microsoft and Coca-Cola on the right way to problem solve. Here are the skills needed to think creatively and take on leadership roles.

Peter Mulford, the chief innovation officer at the consulting firm BTS, said trying harder and faster leads only to exhaustion and failed results.
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GOLDMAN SACHS: Buy these 15 stocks for powerful profit growth after a historic rally leaves the market with little room for error

Goldman Sachs said these companies were among the few that would generate even stronger returns over the next year.
BI Prime Politics a彩平台-06-02T16:42:33Z

Trump is planning to bring back his massive in-person rallies as soon as July as the pandemic rages on

The president's political advisers are debating how to restart his raucous campaign rallies, possibly as soon as next month, Insider has learned.
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The top 12 coronavirus antibody tests ranked by accuracy, and where to find them

Antibody tests have a role to play in coronavirus treatments, public health surveillance, and returning people to work.
BI Prime Finance a彩平台-06-02T16:02:00Z

Peloton rides, beer by mail, and bouncy castles: Here's how Big Law partners are getting and keeping clients during a pandemic

A lawyer's network is a key source of business opportunities, but the traditional ways of bonding outside the office have vanished.
BI Prime Enterprise a彩平台-06-02T16:00:00Z

$46 billion Atlassian just launched 12 new DevOps features to help developer teams better focus on writing code and collaborate, especially as more teams work remotely

Atlassian added new DevOps features to its cloud products Jira, Bitbucket, Opsgenie, and more. The goal: Help developers spend more time writing code.
BI Prime Markets a彩平台-06-02T15:34:30Z

A portfolio manager at a $4.6 billion shop breaks down his Warren Buffett-inspired approach to investing — and shares 3 stocks he loaded up on in a 'really attractive' market upended by the coronavirus

"You have to keep in mind that these are unusual times, and shutting down the economy has major ramifications," John Buckingham said.
BI Prime Tech a彩平台-06-02T15:19:02Z

'I doubted us': Elon Musk says it took 100,000 people to launch 2 NASA astronauts into orbit — and that he wasn't sure SpaceX would ever pull off the feat

Musk thanked all the workers at NASA, his rocket company, and their contractors for the successful launch of Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley into orbit.
BI Prime Advertising a彩平台-06-02T15:14:29Z

PR giant Edelman is laying off 390 employees as business falls off because of the pandemic: Read the CEO's memo to staff

CEO Richard Edelman previously said there would be no layoffs, but the agency recently lost key Samsung business.
BI Prime Science a彩平台-06-02T15:03:00Z

A failed Ebola drug is now the leading coronavirus treatment option. Here's what you need to know about Gilead's remdesivir.

The antiviral was previously tested as a treatment for hepatitis C and Ebola. Here's why remdesivir is now the leading treatment for COVID-19.
BI Prime Media a彩平台-06-02T14:57:00Z

Meet the 20 most powerful WarnerMedia execs and their top deputies. Here are the leaders helping HBO Max battle Netflix and defining AT&T's TV strategy.

WarnerMedia's new CEO is starting to shake up the executive ranks with the appointment of former Hulu exec, Richard Tom, as chief technology officer.
BI Prime Transportation a彩平台-06-02T13:34:00Z

Tesla may have an edge over its rivals during the COVID-19 crisis, an industry watcher says

In the past two years, Tesla has gone from the verge of bankruptcy to earning three consecutive quarterly profits (albeit, small ones).
BI Prime Transportation a彩平台-06-02T13:25:00Z

Tesla could be getting closer to unveiling an EV battery that could last 1 million miles, experts say

Reuters reported last month that Tesla planned to introduce a lower-cost electric-vehicle battery with 1 million-mile range this year or in 2021.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-02T13:20:00Z

10 diversity leaders who are fighting inequality in corporate America

The demand for diversity and inclusion professionals is on the rise. We picked the 10 using their posts to push innovation and get things done.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-02T13:19:00Z

Elon Musk said a college degree isn't required for a job at Tesla — and Apple, Google, and Netflix don't require employees to have 4-year degrees either

Students assume getting a 4-year degree is the only way into top companies like Tesla, Apple, and Netflix. But that isn't always true.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-02T13:12:00Z

How to find meaning if you've lost your job and are struggling with an identity crisis

Losing your job can feel like losing your identity. Here's a thought exercise that can help you find meaning in whatever work you're doing now.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-02T13:00:00Z

Here's the unexpectedly crucial software for navigating the new future of work

Goldman Sachs outlined the software companies will need to fast-forward into "Enterprise 4.0," and it's not just team messaging and videoconferencing.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-02T12:54:00Z

Ernst & Young's global innovation leader shares the 4 questions CEOs need to answer right now to emerge from the ongoing crisis stronger than ever

"Innovation really is about resiliency, agility, and flexibility," EY innovation chief Jeff Wong told Business Insider.
BI Prime Tech a彩平台-06-02T12:51:00Z

VCs from 11 top firms share how coronavirus is transforming their healthcare investing strategies

Their answers show potentially permanent changes to the healthcare system after the coronavirus, and reveal what kinds of companies stand to gain.
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