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a彩平台Amazon worker protest

Amazon drops $2 coronavirus pay rise for warehouse workers as CEO Jeff Bezos' fortune nears $150 billion

Amazon has now phased out two major policies brought in to protect workers during the coronavirus pandemic.
BI Prime Healthcare a彩平台-06-03T13:42:00Z

Top cannabis analysts share why they're getting more bullish on the industry and name 4 firms that should excite investors now

At a Benzinga panel, Cowen, Jefferies, and Piper Sandler analysts named their top cannabis stock picks as the industry begins to mature.
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a彩平台aglet sneaker app

5 up-and-coming sneaker websites that resellers and collectors should use in a彩平台 to boost profit and nab hyped pairs

StockX, GOAT, and SNKRS are considered essential. But these five and-and-coming apps should be on every sneakerhead's radar in a彩平台.
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A video shows looters throwing rocks and raiding an Amazon delivery van during George Floyd protests in Los Angeles

Santa Monica resident and former journalist Kyli Singh filmed the incident from her balcony in Santa Monica.
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Amazon workers slammed the company for supporting the George Floyd protesters while still flogging surveillance tech to police

An activist employee group challenged the company, tweeting: "Which police contracts have you cut? How many remain?"
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H&M temporarily closes nearly 100 US stores amid George Floyd protests and looting

"The recent killings of more members of the black community in the US leave us devastated and heartbroken," H&M said in a statement.
Retail a彩平台-06-03T09:49:00Z

LVMH's $16.2 billion mega deal to acquire Tiffany is looking increasingly uncertain, sources say

LVMH's board called a meeting in Paris on Tuesday night to discuss the matter, according to fashion trade publication WWD.
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THE BUY BUTTON REPORT: The introduction of SRC will turn the online retail payments industry on its head — here's how payments players can win in the new checkout landscape

This report lays out what SRC and its buy button are, how the button works for users and merchants, and obstacles between it and widespread adoption.
Retail a彩平台-06-03T00:47:50Z

HelloFresh severs partnership with Lea Michele after 'Glee' co-star alleges the singer engaged in on-set bullying

"HelloFresh does not condone racism nor discrimination of any kind," a HelloFresh spokesperson told Business Insider.
Tech a彩平台-06-02T22:08:01Z

Online clothing retailer Stitch Fix is laying off 1,400 California employees and instead hiring in lower-cost cities like Austin and Minneapolis

The San Francisco-based company said the layoffs are not related to the pandemic, but the health crisis has dealt a blow to the retail industry.
Strategy a彩平台-06-02T22:08:00Z

A pizza chain is offering paid time off for employees who want to protest

&pizza is just one of the small businesses offering PTO for activism. Wikilawn is also issuing a PTO policy in the wake of George Floyd's death.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T21:04:27Z

'Exhausted' Starbucks workers are forced to choose between reduced hours or unpaid leave, as the coffee giant adjusts to a new normal

Some workers feel frustrated by their options, with one employee saying he is "mentally and physically exhausted" from working during the pandemic.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T20:31:00Z

Major brands and retailers join the 'Blackout Tuesday' movement with some closing stores and urging employees to protest peacefully

The "Blackout Tuesday" protest was initiated by the music industry; its intention is to pause business for the day on Tuesday.
Executive Lifestyle a彩平台-06-02T19:30:00Z

Kamala Harris' niece wants to inspire the next generation of social activists

Meena Harris pivoted from her career as a lawyer to embarking on a new venture as a social justice entrepreneur.
BI Prime Retail a彩平台-06-02T18:17:45Z

10 CEOs of top resale apps like Poshmark and Stadium Goods predict how the pandemic will bolster the multi-billion dollar resale industry

CEOs from top resale platforms explain why their industry and companies are thriving — and predict how the resale industry will become even bigger.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T16:06:58Z

European apparel retailer Primark has no plans for a massive clearance sale as shops in the UK prepare to reopen

Since March 22, all of Primark's 376 stores had been shut across 12 countries, representing a loss of about $815 million a month.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T15:40:00Z

Amazon, FedEx, and UPS reveal how protests are impacting deliveries across the US

FedEx said some vehicles and facilities have been vandalized and the company is continuing to operate only in areas deemed safe.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T15:35:56Z

Wendy's faces backlash after a franchisee donates more than $440,000 to Trump, as #WendysIsOverParty explodes on Twitter

Wendy's is facing backlash after a franchisee on Trump's restaurant-recovery roundtable donated more than $440,000 to the president's reelection.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T15:17:00Z

Nordstrom's sales plunged as it closed stores during the pandemic

Nordstrom's digital sales decelerated even as the pandemic pushed consumers online –– its total net sales growth fell 39.5% YoY in its fiscal Q1 a彩平台.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T15:12:00Z

Companies like Netflix, McDonald's, and Target are speaking out amid the George Floyd protests — and some are actually taking action

Companies are taking a stand as social media amid the George Floyd protests. We took a look at those that are backing up their words with action.
Finance a彩平台-06-02T13:51:00Z

From warehouses to office space, real-estate markets are being turned upside down — and these are the winners and losers

Flex-office firms are struggling, and companies are rethinking leases for offices. Meanwhile, demand for warehouse space is emerging as a bright spot.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T13:49:00Z

Macy's flagship store hit by looting as New York imposes curfew amid George Floyd protests

New York City imposed a curfew Monday that failed to prevent another night of destruction, including arrests after a break-in at the Macy's flagship.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T13:01:00Z

E-commerce giant Alibaba expands its US presence with new programs designed to help small business owners struggling during the coronavirus

"Doing business online is the bridge for American small businesses through this crisis and into the next decade," said Alibaba president John Caplan.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T13:00:00Z

How restaurants are making 800,000 meals for frontline workers

Frontline Foods and Off Their Plate have paid local restaurants across the country to prepare 800,000 meals for frontline workers fighting COVID-19.
BI Prime Healthcare a彩平台-06-02T12:00:00Z

Cannabis giant Canopy Growth's new CEO told us he's reining in the company and aggressively cutting costs after a challenging quarter

Klein's first quarter leading the cannabis giant was a tough one: The company lost over $1 billion and the stock has tumbled.
Retail a彩平台-06-02T06:02:00Z

The Future of Retail: Online Checkout

In The Future of Retail slide deck, Business Insider Intelligence outlines SRC-enabled checkout and explores how it could either take off or burn out.
Executive Lifestyle a彩平台-06-01T21:30:00Z

Shattered storefronts and 'eat the rich' graffiti: Photos show the aftermath of destruction in luxury stores that were looted and vandalized during the protests

The targeting of luxury stores by looters highlights the resentment some people are feeling towards brands that cater to the 1%.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T21:26:05Z

Nordstrom shut all stores after its flagship location was looted amid protests

Nordstrom said none of its employees were injured and that it plans to pay them for any shifts missed during the store closures.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T21:02:00Z

I ate the same meal at both Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse, and the smaller chain was the clear winner

I ate the same meal at Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse, but the experiences couldn't have been more different.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T20:48:00Z

These 16 retailers and restaurant chains have filed for bankruptcy or liquidation in a彩平台

J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, and JCPenney are among those that have filed for bankruptcy in the first half of a彩平台.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T19:29:52Z

Libbey, a major supplier of glassware to restaurants and bars, has filed for bankruptcy after the pandemic demolished demand

Closures of restaurants and bars — and a lack of social gatherings — led to a lack of demand for Libbey's products.
Executive Lifestyle a彩平台-06-01T19:17:00Z

Virgil Abloh is getting blowback for seemingly donating just $50 to George Floyd protesters. Here's a look at the life of the luxury designer.

The Louis Vuitton artistic director and Off-White brand mastermind has also criticized looters for targeting the store of his friend Sean Wotherspoon.
Tech a彩平台-06-01T19:16:20Z

Photos show Apple stores being boarded up across the US as protests over George Floyd's death sweep the nation

Some Apple stores in the US have been boarded up as protests erupt across the country and some escalate into violence.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T18:57:07Z

KFC is replacing its iconic potato wedges with fries, and customers are furious

Many customers are furious about KFC's swap, as people take to social media to demand the return of wedges.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T18:41:54Z

Pizza, hot dogs, and tequila: What Americans are eating and drinking during quarantine, sending sales skyrocketing

Sales of hot dogs, snacks, and frozen waffles have skyrocketed as people are stuck at a彩平台 across the US.
BI Prime Tech a彩平台-06-01T18:34:54Z

The shift to even more e-commerce spending in the US just accelerated by at least 2 years because of COVID-19, according to a chart from Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley said a彩平台 could be an "inflection year" for e-commerce as coronavirus-driven factors push more people to buy things online.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T18:07:28Z

CVS has temporarily closed about 60 stores amid looting and protests

CVS said that more than 250 of its stores have been damaged in the last several days. The level of damage has varied.
Reviews a彩平台-06-01T15:29:00Z

KitchenAid appliances, including the brand's popular stand mixers, are now up to $300 off

KitchenAid is running a big sale with discounts up to $300 off new and refurbished appliances, including its iconic stand mixers.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T15:22:00Z

I compared breakfast burritos from 5 fast-food chains and Taco Bell's were the best by far

A Business Insider reporter put five fast-food chains to the test to see who could make the best breakfast burrito.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T15:05:22Z

I visited Disney Springs a week after it reopened and saw why the theme park giant will be able to reopen its parks without a hitch in July

Walt Disney World's first major reopening in Florida proved how the company can master balancing safety with the preservation of Disney magic.
Tech a彩平台-06-01T14:50:49Z

Apple closes stores across the US over safety concerns amid George Floyd protests

Apple closed stores in several cities across the US this weekend due to looting, "With the health and safety of our teams in mind," the company said.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T14:32:05Z

What the new normal will look like at Chick-fil-A, as the chain begins to open dining rooms

New features include hand washing stations for workers, plexiglass shields, and ending self-service condiment and beverage stations.
Retail a彩平台-06-01T13:38:00Z
Retail a彩平台-06-01T13:00:00Z

Take a look at what technologies retailers are introducing to revamp the in-store experience

Brick-and-mortar retailers are introducing new technologies to revamp the in-store experience. Get a preview in our FREE Future of Retail slide deck.
Retail a彩平台-05-31T15:50:00Z

Retailers are bracing themselves for a 'huge surge' of returns that could make their massive piles of unsold inventory even bigger

Retailers are also taking steps to make sure merchandise is sanitized before being returned to store shelves.
Retail a彩平台-05-31T14:50:00Z

Franchisees of iconic American chains are 'hemorrhaging' sales, as operators of IHOP, Pizza Hut, and more file for bankruptcy

"Every franchisee is a small business, and they had to close up, and they're sucking wind," said restaurant industry investor Roger Lipton.
Retail a彩平台-05-31T13:50:00Z

Chain restaurants have permanently closed over 500 locations so far in a彩平台. Here's the full list.

Dining in is out, and that's forced many restaurants out of business. Here's a full list of the chains that are closing some or all locations.
Retail a彩平台-05-30T19:03:00Z

Take a look at what technologies retailers are introducing to revamp the in-store experience

Brick-and-mortar retailers are introducing new technologies to revamp the in-store experience. Get a preview in our FREE Future of Retail slide deck.
News a彩平台-05-30T14:32:06Z

Bars across Arkansas were allowed to reopen this week. 2 bar owners in the state told us why they're not doing it.

Bars in Arkansas were allowed to reopen from Tuesday, despite the state's recording a new rise in coronavirus cases recently.
Retail a彩平台-05-30T14:30:00Z

Shoppers flooded dollar stores to stockpile cheap goods during the pandemic — here's why that's been a major boon to Dollar General

Dollar stores have historically seen great success during times of economic uncertainty and high unemployment.
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