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10 diversity leaders who are fighting inequality in corporate America

The demand for diversity and inclusion professionals is on the rise. We picked the 10 using their posts to push innovation and get things done.
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a彩平台Sandberg LinkedIn Learning

I took Sheryl Sandberg's free 20-minute course on resilience to help me cope with the loss of my brother. Here are the best life-changing lessons on inner strength everyone could use right now.

Although it's a lifelong process, learning how to build resilience over time is one major part of dealing with grief.
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a彩平台stanford university graduation commencement

11 top colleges where computer science majors can earn 6-figure salaries after graduation

Computer science graduates from these universities earn anywhere from $100,500 to $141,100 annually.
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Ernst & Young's global innovation leader shares the 4 questions CEOs need to answer right now to emerge from the ongoing crisis stronger than ever

"Innovation really is about resiliency, agility, and flexibility," EY innovation chief Jeff Wong told Business Insider.
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A step-by-step guide for moving to Canada and becoming a citizen there

Becoming a Canadian citizen requires language, history, and physical residency requirements. Here are the factors you need to consider.
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How $7.8 billion Juniper Networks is preparing for the death of the trade show: 'We're just never gonna get back to where we were'

Juniper, ThermoFisher, and Siemens tap Kaon's platform to demo products. "We've pivoted pretty dramatically to all-digital and all-virtual tactics."
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8 warning signs that can predict divorce in LGBTQ couples

There are multiple warning signs that can indicate whether you and your partner are heading toward a big split. Here's how to spot them.
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Living through daily racism as a black man in America is a life-threatening condition, according to this public health expert

Regularly experiencing discrimination can increase the risk of depression, heart disease, and suicide.
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The fire Zuck started won't stop at Facebook

In this week's Trending, we look at the backlash that could transform social media, and maybe even bring diversity to the tech and VC industries.
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Silicon Valley billionaires are lining up to condemn racism. But the tech and VC industry has a shameful, decades-long history of ignoring and perpetuating inequality.

From Tim Cook to startup founders, Silicon Valley is speaking out about the death of George Floyd. But tech has its own longstanding racial problems.
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Broken glass, empty shoeboxes, and a single open McDonalds: Photos show a scene of destruction in Santa Monica after looters made their way through businesses

Members of the National Guard filtered through the city, stationing themselves at the courthouse where graffiti read "F*** the system."
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A pizza chain is offering paid time off for employees who want to protest

&pizza is just one of the small businesses offering PTO for activism. Wikilawn is also issuing a PTO policy in the wake of George Floyd's death.
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Kamala Harris' niece wants to inspire the next generation of social activists

Meena Harris pivoted from her career as a lawyer to embarking on a new venture as a social justice entrepreneur.
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All the curfews governors have set in their states as protests rage on, and how long you should expect them to last

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a curfew for New York City, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has implemented a statewide, weeklong curfew.
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The post-pandemic law firm will consist of smaller summer classes, more remote workers, and a less decked-out office, a top legal recruiter predicts

While traditionally the legal field has shied away from remote work, the pandemic has proved it's a viable option for lawyers, says Kate Reder Sheikh.
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How businesses damaged during protests can apply for insurance money — or get coverage for future civil unrest

Insurance claims might not be top-of-mind right now, but if you file now you could get a check later or protect your business amid ongoing protests.
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Read the powerful letter Emerson College's first black president sent his school about the 'legalized lynching' of George Floyd: 'America is on fire'

"I have been pulled over driving while black more times than I can remember. I have been spit on by a white parking lot attendant," writes Lee Pelton.
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I've consulted companies like Microsoft and Coca-Cola on the right way to problem solve. Here are the skills needed to think creatively and take on leadership roles.

Peter Mulford, the chief innovation officer at the consulting firm BTS, said trying harder and faster leads only to exhaustion and failed results.
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Peloton rides, beer by mail, and bouncy castles: Here's how Big Law partners are getting and keeping clients during a pandemic

A lawyer's network is a key source of business opportunities, but the traditional ways of bonding outside the office have vanished.
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Psychedelics will see a boom much like cannabis. Here's how entrepreneurs can stay ahead of the curve.

A growing opportunity for entrepreneurs in psychedelics is developing, in part thanks to research from top institutions like Johns Hopkins and NYU.
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How to fix a toxic workplace, according to 2 leadership experts — including one who was brought in to repair Uber's culture

Frances Frei and Anne Morriss say it's key for executives to set their egos aside and welcome criticism from their employees.
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This map shows the highest-paying job in every state, excluding doctors

After excluding various doctor positions, CEOs earn the highest salary a year in 22 states and DC.
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From slavery to Jim Crow, history shows the racist roots of American policing — and the need to reckon with them

In the 18th century South, 'slave patrols' were made up of white, male, volunteer vigilantes who violently enforced local slavery laws.
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Elon Musk said a college degree isn't required for a job at Tesla — and Apple, Google, and Netflix don't require employees to have 4-year degrees either

Students assume getting a 4-year degree is the only way into top companies like Tesla, Apple, and Netflix. But that isn't always true.
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How to find meaning if you've lost your job and are struggling with an identity crisis

Losing your job can feel like losing your identity. Here's a thought exercise that can help you find meaning in whatever work you're doing now.
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Here's the unexpectedly crucial software for navigating the new future of work

Goldman Sachs outlined the software companies will need to fast-forward into "Enterprise 4.0," and it's not just team messaging and videoconferencing.
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Founders of Rebecca Minkoff, Everlane, Birchbox, and Poshmark reveal how they've adapted during the pandemic and how fashion and beauty will never be the same

Entrepreneurs are finding more ways than ever to engage customers with e-commerce, virtual experiences, and social and environmental responsibility.
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The US chairman of PwC explains how to stand out in a sea of job-seekers, what it takes to make partner at his firm, and where he gets his best ideas for building a diverse workforce

Tim Ryan invests heavily in employees' career development. He thinks people perform better if they're in jobs that suit their skills.
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We mapped the racial and economic segregation that still divides America's cities — block by neighborhood block

We used data from the Census Bureau to illustrate the backdrop of segregation in cities with the largest protests against the killing of George Floyd.
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A memo from SAP outlined the tech giant's plan to address racial inequality in its own ranks — and it shows how companies can take meaningful actions beyond sending an email or a tweet

North American president DJ Paoni listed three initiatives the $155.43 billion company has launched in response to the death of George Floyd.
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3 personal changes bosses should make so workers feels comfortable having difficult conversations with them

Since the start of the pandemic, fewer employees feel comfortable discussing problems with their managers. Here's how to make yourself approachable.
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How Americans worry the coronavirus will damage society

More Americans are worried about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global financial markets than they are of its effects on the elections.
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A CEO who recruits for Google and Siemens sees a shift to white-collar gig work as employers need talent but lack the resources to bring everyone back full time

Executive recruitment CEO Joe Mullings sees gig work displacing full-time white-collar jobs in the "interim economy."
Tech a彩平台-06-01T17:58:17Z

Rent in the San Francisco Bay Area plummeted in May as the tech region braces for a potential mass exodus

As workers contemplate taking advantage of flexible work options and cheaper cities, demand — and cost — for housing in the Bay Area may drop.
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All the visceral ways black women in America have been hurt by the coronavirus unemployment crisis

Some 54% of black women reported facing economic challenges like getting laid off or having their pay docked.
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George Floyd 'could be me,' says one of America's 4 black Fortune 500 CEOs

Kenneth Frazier runs the $190 billion, coronavirus-fighting pharma giant Merck. But on Monday, he spoke to national mourning in wake of Floyd's death.
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The 13 best side hustles to start that will earn you 6 figures or more, and how to get them off the ground quickly from experts who have done it

You can turn a side hustle into a high-paying career. Entrepreneurial leaders told Business Insider how they earn six figures or more with side gigs.
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My partner and I are full-time house sitters in New Zealand. Here's how the pandemic has affected our unusual living arrangement.

On the brink of a national lockdown, the couple found themselves with nowhere to go and unsure of where to turn for help.
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SUCCESS INSIDER: A memo on the killing of George Floyd is a case study in how leaders should address race with their employees

Our regular newsletter for getting things done, like how leaders should be addressing race and the events in Minnesota at work.
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A memo from a Massachusetts company on the killing of George Floyd is a case study in how leaders should address race and the events in Minnesota with their employees

Boston Scientific's open letter shows the value of listening to workers from marginalized groups, especially after incidents tied to systemic racism.
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Trucking has been in a recession since late 2018 — and the coronavirus is just the latest slam on some of America's most vulnerable workers

"More than anything, recessions matter because of the scale of disruption they cause for people's lives — the human suffering that they cause."
News a彩平台-06-01T15:01:46Z

A criminology professor says that police officers accused of brutality often have a history of complaints. Derek Chauvin had 18.

Chauvin has been the subject of at least 18 separate misconduct complaints and was involved in two additional shooting incidents.
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I'm the chief people officer at Opendoor and a mother. Here are the 5 questions I'm asking parents at my company to support them through remote work.

"How are you doing balancing work with additional at-a彩平台 responsibilities?" is one important question to ask working parents at your company.
Strategy a彩平台-06-01T13:15:00Z

Use these 3 email rules from the US Air Force to communicate better

Use the BLIND method to prioritize essential information, and the BLUF method to keep things short and sweet.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-01T13:14:00Z

How to find out who's the hiring manager if it's not posted on a job listing so you can send your résumés to the right person

Career expert Amanda Augustine shares her top tips for doing the necessary sleuth work when trying to address a cover letter to a hiring manager.
Strategy a彩平台-06-01T12:55:00Z

An NYC sanitation worker who's been on the job for 25 years explains the changes he's seen in the city throughout the pandemic, from lots of cardboard boxes to the loss of human interaction

The New York Department of Sanitation has made changes to protect workers from the coronavirus, including earlier shifts and supplying face masks.
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The stress of reopening: How to reduce anxiety and support your team's mental health as you return to the office

Even if you scrub your office clean regularly employees are bound to be worried — here's how to support their mental health when coming back to work.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-01T12:00:00Z

13 books HR executives recommend for managers who want to become better leaders and communicators

This eclectic collection of books will help you become a more thoughtful and influential leader at work.
BI Prime Strategy a彩平台-06-01T11:59:00Z

How one stealth AI company that just raised $5 million is trying to make the workplace safer for essential employees with its facial scanning technology

"Pre-COVID, we were an exciting idea," said Oloid CEO Mohit Garg. "Post-COVID, we are hugely in demand."
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